3 Important Rules to Find Success in Amazon Affiliate Marketing

There aren’t many rules to being an affiliate except making money. But in order to do that, you sometimes need to set some ground rules for yourself that will better not only your site and you, but the products that you are selling as well.

Some may think that the more items you promote, the more money you are bound to make, but as the saying goes, it is all about quality over quantity. It is about selling an item that you believe in and making others believe in it as well before they even buy it.

Read on to discover three rules that will guarantee you success as an affiliate marketer.

Promote Products You Stand Behind

In order to be a successful affiliate, it is important that you only promote and sell products that you are familiar with and stand behind. The last thing you need is to be known for promoting sketchy products that don’t work right, break immediately or are simply shitty products.

You should be very familiar with what a product is designed to do and how it works in accomplishing that. Some might even say that you should only affiliate with products that you have used yourself and found useful. I think that thoroughly knowing about the company, or person, and the product they’ve created is sufficient enough, but using it yourself definitely does away with any doubt or hesitation.

Your site, and, essentially, you, are associated and represented by the items that you choose to promote—so make sure that you trust not only the product, but also the person, or people, behind them.

Recommend the Product

When being an affiliate with another company and promoting their items, it is always a helpful hint to merely recommend their products, not flat out tell people to buy them. When simply telling someone, “You should buy this product to help with blah, blah, blah,” it seems very illegitimate and like you are merely trying to make a sale to earn money.

But recommending a product—“I highly recommend this product to help with blah, blah, blah”—seems much more genuine and sincere, as though you personally believe in the product; which you should (see rule 1.)

It also helps if you only recommend items based on your own experience and in the context of what you’re doing. Recommendations carry a more personal connotation with them and can create a consumer base that trusts in the products you promote because you aren’t shoving them down their throats, merely putting them on display for them to choose from.

Talk About the Product, Don’t Only Sell It

When people are considering buying something online, they typically do a search for customer reviews and see what users are saying about the product. Many times, this can make or break a sell.

Well instead of simply selling an item on your site, talk about it. Write a little review and be honest. Highlight both the advantages and the disadvantages of the product because people will then trust your reviews and be more likely to buy the product in the end.

Giving an honest review about an item that touches on the negative aspects as well goes to show how great the product must truly be because you are still promoting it on your site in the end.

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