5 Easy Steps to Publishing Your First Kindle E-book

5.) Finish Your Book

Ask yourself if your book is good enough and ready to publish. If you think it’s in its best tiptop shape, then go for it! If it’s not, when you’re done writing your epic novel, let a friend read it for feedback purposes. Your book must have a phenomenal cover. Remember that your book is just one out of billions of novels being published each and every year. When people surf through Amazon, the first thing they will discover is one cover image. If the looks don’t pertain to them, they probably won’t even care about reading the summary. You must be able to get those customers hooked in. Finally, format your book for Kindle.

4.) Terms Of Service

Make sure to keep up with the terms and conditions so you’ll know exactly what you’re signing yourself up for. For instance, if you decide to sign up for their service known as KDP Select, you’ll also be giving Amazon protected rights to market and promote your work for at least 90 days, basically stating that you will not be permitted to sell your e-books with other businesses on the Internet or even on your own blog. However, you may continue to sell your books if it is available in other formats, such as print.

3.) Publish

Type in amazon.com and log yourself in. if you don’t have an account yet, definitely sign up for one. Once you are registered with the program, you will then have to fill in a couple of registration pages. Your book’s metadata is one important factor that you must get done. This is the group of details that allow readers to find your book. These keywords decide whether or not your book is searchable and able to be discovered.

2.) Pricing

Amazon gives you the option to choose between 35% and 70% royalties. The 70% option, though, is not sold in all countries. Amazon only provides 70% royalties to countries with bigger markets such as USA or UK. If your novel costs less than $2.99, you only get 35% in profit for it.  If you go with 70% royalties, whenever a copy of your book is sold they will take out delivery fees. For the 35% royalties choice, they won’t. Do e-books contain their own delivery fees? They do. They charge you for selling your writing through the Internet, and each purchase is based on the size of the file. In the US, they take out 15 cents per megabyte.

1.) Promote

It usually takes around one to two days to publish your work. Once it is, you will have to get as many friends as you can to read and buy it. You can make your own author page to reach more readers and to keep track of your sales, or you could even ask for some help from their staff or from your co-authors. Reviews are also crucial. Before deciding to pick up a book, most buyers would probably like to know what other people think about it.

Learn more about how to publish your first Kindle e-book from the video below!